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Bentley University Prospective Student Athlete Tryout Policy


Coaches may conduct a tryout of a prospective student-athlete for all NCAA Divison II sports only on our campus or at a site where we normally conduct practice or competition and under the following conditions:


NCAA Bylaw governs prospect tryouts as summarized below.

  • Prospects are permitted one tryout per institution per sport.
  • A tryout cannot last more than two hours.
  • Competition against eligible student-athletes is only permitted during the academic year and must be included in the sport’s weekly hour limitations at the time of the tryout. Competition may NOT take place in men’s lacrosse or football.
  • Prospect tryouts may NOT be conducted during a DEAD period.
  • The following guidelines must be adhered to dependent upon the prospect’s classification:
    • High school prospects may participate in tryouts beginning June 15 preceding the junior year but the tryout must be conducted outside the prospect’s traditional season in the sport. High school prospects who have completed high school eligibility in the sport may also participate in tryouts.
    • Two-year college prospects may participate in tryouts after the conclusion of the sport season or anytime, provided the student has exhausted his or her two-year college eligibility in the sport.
    • Four-year college prospects may participate in tryouts after the conclusion of the sport season, provided permission to contact has been obtained.
  1. Prior to participation in a tryout, a prospective student-athlete is required to undergo a medical examination or evaluation administered or supervised by a physician (e.g., family physician, team physician). The examination or evaluation must be administered within six months prior to participation in the tryout. The medical examination or evaluation may be conducted by an institution's regular team physician or other designated physician as a part of the tryout;
  2. The tryout may include tests to evaluate the prospective student-athlete's strength, speed, agility and sport skills. Except in the sports of football and lacrosse the tryout may include competition. In the sport of football, the prospective student-athletes shall not wear helmets or pads;
  3. Competition against the member institution's team is permissible, provided such competition occurs during the academic year and is considered a countable athletically related activity per


All prospective student athletes invited to the Bentley Campus for a tryout are required to turn in the Bentley University Medical History and Orthopedic Physical Exam Form as well as The Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation form. These forms are found on the Bentley University Athletics web page by clicking on the “Inside Athletics” tab and then clicking on the “Sports Medicine” tab.  The prospect should print these forms and fill them out completely.   If they are under 18 they must have their parent/guardian sign them. 


The prospect is also required to provide a copy of a physical exam from their primary care physician that must be within (6) months of their try-out. Coaches must provide all this documentation to their respective sport trainer before conducting the tryout.  The athletic trainer will give the approval for the tryout to occur.